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Ilma University - an architecturally impressive infrastructure spread across several acres lends to a mesmerizing view. An open car park with lush green courtyards adjacent to it ushers the students to an enlightened environment. Once inside, the illustrative interior depicts its evolutionary journey. The spacious campus embodies state of the art facilities including air conditioned classrooms, ultra-modern auditorium, digitally enhanced library, computer labs, sports club and cafeteria for a holistic fulfilment. Its invigorating ambiance reflects functional, technical, social, educational and aesthetic considerations. Ilma University has been definitely redefined as the ultimate synthesis - the epicenter of education.

Experienced Teachers

Highly qualified, experienced and distinguished faculty including distinguished PhDs on its roster of academics form the framework of substantial curriculum agendas and rigorous study patterns.


Students e Portal (STeP) is a model of integrated information system. This is a unique tech feature of Ilma University which enables optimum functioning and processing. This portal incorporates all reports to manage study plans.

Book & Library

This is a digitally enhanced set up with cutting edge computers and laptops aligned with the entire library system. IThe vast collection includes 9000 + books, 1000 + journals and magazines.

Student Life

Ilma University adds vibrance and vitality in students' lives. It creates avenues of both educational enlightenment and entertainment. Here, social campaigns and events are organised to create awareness and promote interaction.


Pakistan, a proud nation, has accomplished much in the fields of education with standardized quality parameters and always taken steps for up-gradation through education which led to the established world-class colleges and universities on its fertile soil.

These universities of international repute offer well-researched and technologically advanced undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate programs in business, engineering, medical, media and technology domains among other distinguished ones. Hence, very multidimensional and multidisciplinary teaching, as well as a learning experience, raise the educational standards.

Pakistan has truly accomplished milestones by setting up a visionary web of higher education institutes in all its major cities across its length and breadth. To strengthen and provide support to education at a higher level was a crucial part of the government mandates which resulted in widespread progress.

This land of opportunities has the right mix and produced students of intellect, ingenuity and insight who have proven their merit across the globe. They have competed and emerged victors in the vital sectors with their divergent thinking, innovative abilities and intellectual prowess.

Pakistan is a nation that has encountered daunting challenges in the different fields but has always kept a dauntless stance towards accomplishing its national goals despite the odds. This has definitely built-in its resilience and rare capacity to rise upwards with strong roots which have led to unprecedented success.

It is undoubtedly a global village - with its invaluable cultural heritage, foreign investment, multilateral relations with countries, open harbour and tourist attractions. With varied climates and regions, it is fortunate to have rich resources for revenue generation and an illuminated future. With a strong higher education sector and industry linkages, this nation certainly continues to offer peace, progress and prosperity to all with solution-oriented scenarios.

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