In order to study at ILMA, foreign nationals must obtain a “Study Visa” from the Pakistani Embassy/Consulate working in their country. The Pakistani Embassy/Consulate will only issue a study visa for students’ stay at ILMA upon receipt of Higher Education Commission (HEC), Pakistan’s “No Objection Certificate” and Clearance from the Ministry of Interior (MOI), Pakistan. For the issuance of Visa, students must submit the following documents to the ILMA Admissions Office through postal mail/ courier service by the stipulated deadline. These documents are mandatory for the processing of visa application:.

  • Signed copy of admission offer letter
  • Payment of ILMA dues (if any)through a bank draft
  • Completely filled "students information sheet" for issuance of NOC from the Higher Education Commission (HEC) Pakistan; Note: No objection certificate (NOC) is issued by the HEC which is mandatory requirement for LUMS.
  • Three copies of completely filled and duly signed "Visa Form" (all pages) to get necessary visa clearance from the Ministry of Interior, Pakistan; Note: Please carefully read instructions given in the visa application form and send it to LUMS through courier service by the due deadline. Form is available on the Ministry of Interior website ( The form must be duly filled with contact/addresses of the applicant both in home country and Pakistan.
  • Six original passport sized photographs.
  • Complete copy of valid passport.
  • Any other document(s) required by the MOI for the issuance of visa
  • Academic Records-certified copies of all academic transcripts & Certificates (Secondary, Post-Secondary, Bachelors, Masters or any other qualification)
  • Equivalence certificate issued by the Inter Board Committee Chairmen (IBCC), Pakistan and/or Higher Education Commission (HEC) Pakistan
  • Medical Fitness Certificate
  • Any other relevant document(s).