BBA (Business Administration)

The BBA program curricula offers a rich blend of courses like English, mathematics, Pakistan studies, Islamic studies economics, general management skills, decision-making, leadership, teamwork, quantitative method, discipline based core courses including finance & banking, marketing, and HRM etc. Moreover, it offers the specialization based elective courses. The program builds the students’ potential for future and enables them to maintain a balance between the targets of economic success and increases social as well as environmental responsibility.

Hence, the main theme is to design BBA programs which provide students with a combination of workplace experience and formal learning. The common feature of BBA programs is integrated learning. These programs are based on industry needs and expectations of graduates and employees which are integrated into the curriculum. Accordingly, the faculty of management sciences is working aggressively on enhancing its partnership with the industry. Major statutory bodies of the university namely Board of Governors, Academic Council, Panel of Faculties and Studies are widely represented by the industry and professional clusters.

Industry partners of the Department are playing a pivotal role in giving advice on curriculum design. They also extend support in providing internships for students to gain experience. The Faculty of Management Sciences is pulling back from courses that do not add value to the range industry or professional clusters. Thus, there seems to be an enthusiastic and growing willingness to share expertise in the hopes of grooming a more competent workforce.

The curriculum educates and trains students to create solutions for information systems-based needs and problems in the industry that are the original objectives of the program. This curriculum provides integration between theoretical and practical aspects of business administration required in the industrial sector today. It has the potential to enable the graduates to work in a variety of industrial, educational, business, scientific, and engineering settings. It develops managerial skills of the graduates as well as problem-solving, and communication skills as they work with or manage multidisciplinary teams.

The curriculum begins by refreshing and advancing a student's understanding of the basic concepts of business management and communication. Core and advanced elective courses are offered that permit students to tailor the program to specific career objectives or specializations. These subjects contribute to making the graduates able to utilize a balanced educational experience with an appropriate combination of theoretical knowledge and practical skills that are likely to make their entrance and advancement in the profession of management science and enable them to design and implement solutions for rapidly changing computing problems and information system environments. These subjects also enable the graduates to apply their management science knowledge and skills to develop a career in business or industry and to foster among the students the need for professional development and life-long learning.

Minimum 12 Years of Relevant Education with Min 45% in Intermediate or equivalent

Following are the objectives of the program:

  • The BBA degree program is designed to prepare entry level work force in today’s complex local and global organizations.
  • The emphasis is on combining theory with practical applications. Faculty is selected both for their strong academic credentials and professional expertise. The result is graduates who have the knowledge and know how to meet current job requirements in their chosen fields of specialization.

  • Undergraduates who complete the Bachelors of Business Administration degree are qualified to:

  • Demonstrate information of principal business content
  • Communicate successfully
  • Collaborate successfully in groups
  • Analyze issues and settle on successful choices
  • Understand singular flow in associations.
  • Be mindful of globalization and break down worldwide powers that influence authoritative achievement.
  • Be mindful of globalization and influence worldwide powers that influence authoritative achievement

  • Duration4.0 Years
    No. of Courses46
    Total Credit Hours138 Cr Hrs