Tuition Fee

Description BBA
138 Cr. Hrs.
132 Cr. Hrs.
93 Cr. Hrs.
66 Cr. Hrs.
30 Cr. Hrs.

Admission Fee

Rs. 15,000

Rs. 15,000

Rs. 15,000

Rs. 15,000

Rs. 15,000

Tuition Fee Per Course
(Monthly Installments)

Rs. 9,600 x 46
Rs. 441,600

Rs. 9,600 x 44
Rs. 422,400

Rs. 9,600 x 31
Rs. 297,600

Rs. 9,600 x 22
Rs. 211,200

Rs. 9,600 x 10
Rs. 96,000

Total Program Cost

Rs. 456,600

Rs. 437,400

Rs. 312,600

Rs. 226,200

Rs. 111,000


  • Above charges include the basic program cost only, however value added services, degree and transcript charges are to be paid separately.
  • Semester registration fee of Rs. 3,000/- shall be charged for every semester (Exempted for first semester).
  • Security deposit fee of Rs. 2,000/- shall be charged for first semester (Refundable After Completion of Program).
  • All tuition fees is payable in equal installments. The number of installments are equal to number of Program Courses.
  • All repeat courses shall be charged on top of the total number of installments separately.
  • Late fee shall be charged at the rate of PKR 1000/- per month in case of an outstanding balance after the due date. The late fee is irreversible and must be paid in full at time of payment of dues.