Ilma University's admission process is standardised for all the local and international applicants. Find below the step wise admission procedure.

Step 1

Click here to begin the online application process and follow the steps below

    Step 2: Pay the non refundable registration fee

    The registration fee is Rs 2000/= which is non refundable and can be paid online through online transfer if out of Pakistan. If in Pakistan, the fees to be paid at the University at Main Campus Admission office.

    Step 3: Appear for Admissions Interview

    Only shortlisted students will be called for a Skype interview. Students will be informed about the dates and timings via email.

    Step 4: Receive the admission offer letter

    Successful candidates receive a conditional offer letter to acknowledge their admission status. They are admitted on an undertaking till all their original documents are submitted in totality as well as found to be authentic. False information or fake documentation leads to expulsion of the target candidate or strict disciplinary or legal action taken to counteract this situation accordingly.

    Step 5: Accepting the admission offer letter

    Admission Offer
    Once the successful candidates accept the admission offer letter, they need to sign the undertaking form and pay the enrolment fee according to the details mentioned in the offer letter to confirm their admission.

    Step 6: Apply for a student visa

    After the successful candidates have submitted the undertaking form and paid the enrolment fee, university provides the admission offer letter so that student visa can be applied for.