Executive Master of Business Administration (EMBA)

Executive Master of Business Administration (EMBA) Program is a professional and comprehensive management degree providing conceptual knowledge and in-depth exposure to functional areas in business management including accounting, marketing, finance, management and entrepreneurship along with special emphasis on leadership, social awareness, creativity and innovation. It trains students to build an understanding and appreciation of the worldwide business environment. Moreover, the students will be guided by high ethical standards to operate in the local business environment.

A distinctive feature of the EMBA program is that it incorporates within the curriculum major an emphasis on the development of students' fundamental learning skills, for example: reasoning and quantitative abilities; as well as communication and computing skills which they will need for responsible leadership roles in their careers. ILMA University formerly IBT prepares its valuable students to enter into the market with a better sense of business. Students not only gain business knowledge but they also go through the non-business fields and have a broader view of the world. We follow the philosophy of “Market Orientation” by offering courses according to the contemporary needs of the market. Teaching methodologies include interactive class discussions, case studies, article recantations, projects, reports, industrial trips, seminars, workshops and guest speakers. Mandatory internships offer students an opportunity to experience the real world of business. Thus, the students will emerge as well-rounded individuals with experience not only in the intricacies of the business world but in the practicalities of life as well.

Minimum 16 Years of business or non-business schooling Education with Min Second Division along with 3 Years of professional experience

EMBA program provides learning opportunities for students interested in mastering the skills and knowledge required for entering in today’s workforce. The program has the following objectives:
  • To provide an integrated knowledge to perform as management professionals.
  • To cultivate a positive attitude towards society and will work for the betterment of society
  • To build decision making skills and technical skills
  • To develop qualitative and quantitative analytical skills that enable the graduates in making effective decisions
  • To develop management and leadership competencies and behaviors, including teamwork, communication, drive for success, hard work, discipline and creativity
  • To form strategies for global thinking while remaining anchored in local socioeconomic and cultural realities, through the pedagogical use of local and international cases, experiential projects, international exchanges and study tours
  • To nurture and foster the spirit of enterprise

  • Make well-informed decisions in various business and managerial situations that lead to ethically sound and profitable results;
  • Consider social and environmental issues and dilemmas when addressing business problems;
  • Manifest strong interpersonal and teamwork skills;
  • Use the knowledge they have gained to understand and solve real-world business problems;
  • Recognize and encourage social and cultural sensitivity and diversity within an organization;
  • Identify challenges and execute opportunities related to internationalization, globalization, emerging technologies and social media;
  • Consistently establish professional development and personal effectiveness goals to demonstrate creativity and innovation.

  • Duration2 Years
    No. of Courses10
    Total Credit Hours30 Cr Hrs