The Masters of Science in Software Engineering degree program prepares students for a professional career in Software Development The program exposes students to the complete life-cycle of computer application development including abstraction, modeling and algorithm development, leveraging computer systems, programming languages and development frameworks, and software development techniques and processes.

Students also have the opportunity to study and develop applications in diverse applied areas. The program is designed to develop knowledge and skills in specialized technical areas. The thesis component of this program provides the participant with an opportunity to apply the skills and knowledge acquired through the course-work in solving complex problems. Graduates of this program are employed by organizations developing advanced technical products or services.

Minimum 16 Years of Relevant Education with Min Second Division

The program in software engineering has been designed to produce a stream of future software engineers and professionals who:
  • Have an expanded knowledge of the discipline and can apply their knowledge to solve complex problems.
  • Have a broad academic and industrial perspectives and hands on experience of designing, developing and maintaining state of the art software products.
  • Can play a lead role in the local as well as global software industry by acting as designers and managers of modern software.

  • Apply proper theoretical practical knowledge of software requirements engineering and software systems design. This includes feasibility analysis, negotiation, and good communication with stakeholders.
  • Self-learn new models, techniques, and technologies as they emerge.
  • Analyze the current significant software technology; articulate its strengths and weaknesses, and improvements.
  • Recognize the relationships between core body of knowledge in software engineering and other related engineering disciplines (e.g. systems and computer engineering) and to be able to apply software engineering techniques to solve problems in related engineering disciplines.
  • Reconcile conflicts in software project objectives, finding acceptable compromises within limitations of cost, time, and organization’s core business.
  • Carry out literature review, develop research proposal, and conduct research in specific topics related to software engineering core areas/develop an approach to analyze and solve specific software engineering problem.

  • Duration2.0 Years
    No. of Courses10
    Total Credit Hours30 Cr Hrs