To provide students with distinctive, modern, practical and academic eligibility that coheres with the rapid local and international developments in today’s world of business and commerce.


To provide an access for talented and determined students including those with meager financial means with the opportunity in the corporate sector by ensuring that the students are equipped with the business management & commerce related professional skills required to meet the contemporary market requirements.

Goals And Objectives

Department of Business Administration realizes its mission statement by clearly defining its goals and objectives which are in accordance with its mission statement and also to the vision of the university which are as follows:

  • To prepare middle and top level managers capable of handling business in dynamic global environment.
  • To produce socially responsible and creative entrepreneurs capable of promoting business and industry for the socio-economic development of Pakistan.
  • To conduct research and management development program for enhancing the business knowledge.
  • To innovate and promote management program according to the emerging market needs.
  • To develop managers for public sector with competency in public policy and governance for national growth.
  • To provide education in all social classes regardless of their financial condition and promoting meritocracy.
  • Programs Offering

    Each academic program under this department has its own specific objectives. The programs offered by the faculty are as follows: