ILMA University is one of the most prestigious universities of Pakistan which promotes research and creation of knowledge in the field of management sciences, social sciences, computer sciences and information technologies. We provide a dynamic world-class research culture to our nation to provide economic growth of the country and is imperative for the development of academia.The university being cognizant of this fact, thus aims to enhance the capacity of their departments of higher learning by promoting cutting edge research.

ILMA University’s PhD program motivates innovation and originality of thoughts in the research and education process. The PhD program expects not only our graduates display excellence in their field of research but provide expertise to the building of our nation in all fields of science and technology. To achieve this students are expected to achieve excellent results in the research.

The doctoral program has been designed to fulfill the following objectives:
  • To enable students to engage in advanced study and research with scholars
  • To foster original and scholarly research that contributes in social life and to boost up the standards of living.
  • To contribute in national growth by finding out the best possible solution through research and experiments
  • Develop a comprehensive knowledge of theory and methods used in their chosen field and related disciplines.
  • A University PhD graduate who has comprehensive knowledge of the theory and methods will be able to: i. Demonstrate an understanding of the content in their chosen field and related disciplines. ii. Demonstrate an understanding of research methods applicable to their chosen field and related disciplines.
  • University PhD graduate who can execute quality research will be able to plan, organize, design, construct, and execute research to assess/test research questions and/or hypotheses.
  • Effectively communicate research.
  • University PhD graduate who can effectively communicate will be able to write and present research.
  • Be effective teachers.
  • Duration3 Years
    No. of Courses10
    Total Credit Hours30 Cr Hrs
  • Program will expire in 5 years from the date of admission.
  • NBEAC program to be reaccredited after 2 to 3 years.
  • Title of the Degree Phd in Management Sciences
    Eligibility Criteria For Taking The Ilma University Aptitude test MS/M-Phil or M-BA with minimum 18 year of education at 3.0 CGPA of education before that along with NTS/ARC/ETC GAT (subjective) with minimum 60 score

    For Master from foreign university HEC equivalency certificate required.

    Code Course Credit Hours
    First Semester


    Advanced Topics in Econometrics



    Advanced Statistics for Research



    Strategy & Management of Innovation


    Second Semester


    Independent Study



    Management of Research & Development



    Seminar on Management Sciences


    Third Semester