BS in Artificial Intelligence (BS-AI)

The BS-Artificial Intelligence program at ILMA University is designed to produce graduates who are well versed in a range of Artificial Intelligence topics essential for designing, maintaining reliable effective software as well as hardware systems. The futuristic program provides hands-on experience to cover all aspects of Artificial Intelligence including problem modelling and analysis, software design and development, software verification and validation, software quality, testing and software management and hardware designing.
Following are the objectives of the program:
  • Develop the understanding of natural intelligence by the use of computer models
  • Provide techniques and technology for building systems capable of intelligent decisions and actions
  • Apply the basic principles of Artificial Intelligence for providing reliable software design, implement, deploy and maintain practical software systems
  • Verify and validate software and hardware systems
  • Develop the understanding and application of software project management skills: measurement, estimation, costing, planning, deployment and tracking of resources
  • Communicate effectively in career and educational environments
  • Impart the knowledge and skills to develop a career in software and hardware organization or industry
  • Duration4.0 Years
    No. of Courses41
    Total Credit Hours130 Cr Hrs
  • Program will expire in 6 years from the date of admission.
  • Intermediate with 50% or equivalent. 14, 15 or 16 years of irrelevant education and he/she can apply for exemption(s) of relevant courses.

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    **Admissions are only granted in the Professional Diploma Program (23 courses ) leading to the Undergraduate Degree under the respective department / faculty after the scrutiny of eligibility and assessment by the admission review committee.