ILMA University opens up the selection doors to its honourable Student Council. This is the best time for you to showcase your abilities, knowledge and skills to become part of this prestigious council. You should harness this amazing opportunity which offers limitless avenues to present yourself and represent the University on national and international platforms.

The University is seeking students such as you to be the frontiers in promoting its study programs, societies, conferences, events, sessions, workshops and convocations. You will be given many leading and mentoring roles which will place you in the limelight. Indeed this power-packed position will allow you to have a say in student matters to improve the study standards and social life. So, an ultimate chance for you to play an active role in where you want to see the University with a strong student body.

There is no end to the streaming student council benefits which you can enjoy by attending free events, volunteering in events of global proportions and much more.

Submit your membership so the Power & Prestige Are Yours! Student Council - Ultra-High Honour!