ILMA University Feedback Survey

As Ilma University steps into the digital era and continues its legacy of providing quality education, it takes into account the most important areas for globally recognized education. The University was primarily founded to disseminate higher education at par with the other renowned universities both nationally and internationally. Hence, it is extremely important to check the alignment to the noble cause for ultimate success.
... In this aspect, Quality Assurance Department, ILMA University invites students, alumni, employers, academic staff, corporate professionals and international academic community to participate in this ILMA University Feedback Survey. This survey aims to focus on collecting the opinions and viewpoints about the different domains and functionality of ILMA University. The University would like input and kind patronage of all respected individuals for it to enhance its quality parameters at various levels.

We would like to have this feedback and take into account and align these to accomplish unified goals in the higher education sector. We look forward to your feedback for this insightful survey.