OFFICE of the Director QAL

It is quite evident that the need of the era dictates continual progress and standard elevation through the stringent execution of quality assurance measures. This in itself is a daunting task, the achievement of which demands adherence to strict regulations for acute application. Ilma University's QAL department has successfully overcome these challenges and taken progressive strides in quality enhancement as well as deliverance.

QAL - Quality Assurance and Liaison department in Ilma University is an independent assessment and monitoring cell with a proven track record of the meticulous maintenance of the highest benchmarks in education and is placed in top rankings by HEC Quality Assurance Agency (QAA) acts in accordance and linkage with transnational parameters of regulatory agencies whose centralized objectives institute the principles to enforce excellence at each level of educational functionality.

QAL has made an indelible mark in all university departments. With a visionary outlook, it trains the faculty and staff with the perception and the practicality to accomplish interdisciplinary goals.

Its consistent upgradation to define enhanced operations emerges as an indomitable power for accumulation of internationally acclaimed procedures. QAL's global quality provision and value addition through revolutionary perspectives as well as reflective practices are the vital components which have catapulted it towards prosperity.

‘To uphold the worldwide standardization with continual sharpening of the saw’

- Mr Fawwad Mehmood Butt Director, QAL