Life Chairman

Muhammad Abid Lakhani

Life Chairman

Mr Abid Lakhani is a living legend in the fields of construction and social development. He laid the foundation stone of Noman Builders in 1979 which transformed into a giant corporation in the development industry. As a real estate and construction tycoon, Mr Lakhani has more than 12000 + commercial and residential schemes to his credit. These provide avenues of luxury living and work to the diverse population positively impacting the lives of millions with specially designed housing schemes for middle to low-income segments.

Noman Builders grew to incredible proportions constituting one of the largest portions of the construction sector. This was spearheaded by Mr Lakhani whose visionary practices led to it expanding its boundaries towards international operations. It undertook the building of overseas commercial and housing projects which were widely acclaimed with a technical team of highly qualified and experts at the helm of affairs specifically recruited for these architecturally designed ventures.

Mr Lakhani’s mega projects also comprised Platinum Commercial Bank. This man of steel invested in the banking sector after success in the construction sector. He was able to lay the firm foundations of this bank which led to the establishment of other premier banking institutions. The incredible story continued with further investments in the financial sector where he once again proved his merit which materialized in the form of Reliance Securities which he managed miraculously. Through these worthy ventures, he has created a powerful impact in the socio-economic sectors.

Mr Lakhani undertook a university-level project under the GEC (Global Educational Consultants) banner. It propelled him to spearhead yet another amazing initiative, a prestigious degree-awarding university, Ilma University. Recognized by Higher Education Commission (HEC) and providing an education of international standards, Ilma University has created inroads in the education sector.

This influential personality is also an executive member of Supreme Council of All Pakistan Memon Federation from 1990 till date. As a Chairman of MN Developers, Noman Holdings, Noman Properties, Noman Housing and Noman Builders he has led with the formidable will and fortitude to establish these as mega corporations among their counterparts.

Mr Lakhani is an entrepreneur extraordinaire, a die-hard philanthropist and a visionary personality who has created waves of inspiration around the globe. A salute to Abid Lakhani - a treasured asset of this nation!