ILMA Student Activity Council

Ilma University provides ample avenues of progression to students to showcase their abilities and talents through the Ilma Student Council. This certainly brings into play their leadership and interpersonal skills which they can use to their advantage and secure a place in the student council.

Being elected in the student council is certainly an honour and to lead the societies proves the prowess in the co curricular domains. The Societies are:

Sports Society:

Organizes sports events, tournaments, and encourages physical activities.

Sustainability Club:

Promotes eco-friendly practices, organizes awareness campaigns, and drives initiatives for a sustainable campus.

Music and Arts Society:

Fosters creativity through musical and artistic endeavors, organizes performances, exhibitions, and workshops.

Literature Club:

Conducts literary events, book clubs, and promotes creativity.

Alumni Relations Society:

Engages with alumni, organizes networking events, and fosters connections between current students and graduates.

Women Empowerment Society:

Advocates for gender equality, organizes discussions, workshops, and empowerment campaigns.

Technology Club:

Focuses on technological advancements, organizes techrelated workshops, hackathons, and seminars.

Marketing Society:

Manages promotional activities, branding, and outreach for the university events.

ILMA Studios:

Cover Events and arrange photography events.