Ilma University opens its gateway of higher education to diverse international communities. This leading university provides limitless opportunities to study in its fully accredited and internationally acclaimed programs. Foreign students arriving on Pakistan's soil discover a whole new growth and development experience with its rich culture plus connection which is truly unmatched.

Home to some of the best universities in the South Asian region, Pakistan and in particular Karachi has a well-developed infrastructure with a state of the art commercial and residential complexes to cater the populace inhabiting it. Hence, there are many guest houses, hostels and student accommodations which are available for residence conveniently.

Office of International Relations at Ilma University provides guidance and support to the foreign students and takes care of their residential needs even before they land here. Safety and security are kept foremost and it ensures that all accommodation units fulfil the criteria of comfortable lodging. These residential units encompass all the modern facilities with ease of transport from the University.

In short, Ilma University extends warm hospitality to all its foreign students so that they have an amazing time here with cherished memories of their enriched educational experience and newly found friendships - their home away from home.