ILMA Research Support Program (IRSP)

ILMA University is quite excited to find this as an opportunity to contact you and share its Research Support Program for emerging PhD Scholars under the supervision of the top & renowned researchers like you. Founded in 2001, and one of the reputable higher education private sector institutions of Pakistan duly recognized by the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan, ILMA University strives towards promoting scientific research in four core areas which covers Business Administration, Computer Science, Software Engineering and Media Science. ... ILMA University holds potential funding partnerships with industry at national and international levels where the donors grant academic research funding worth millions of dollars every year for producing industry oriented research work and its publication in high impact factor research journals indexed in Web of Science/Scopus. Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic has badly affected the research contributions by the researchers due to prevailing lockdown and their confinement to homes leaving a huge balance of research funds unutilized as of date.

ILMA University invites the emerging PhD Scholars to submit their research proposals for approval of the Research Grant which not only offers disbursement of Publication Cost upto 100% but also makes you eligible for Research Honorarium upto USD 2000 subject to the categorization of the Journals by the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan-Journal Recognition System (HJRS).

We look forward to working together for promotion of global research.