ILMA Patent, Design and Trade Mark Acceptance Reward (IPDTMAR)

Ilma University takes into account the relentless and revolutionary efforts put in place for the approval of the patent. Hence, the University has decided to introduce Ilma Patent Acceptance Rewards. These rewards are primarily to acknowledge and appreciate the meticulous process undergone by the applicant for the patent acquisition.

Patents are a symbol of qualify in the field of research and development. If an examiner is satisfied with the patent forwarded by the applicant, he/she can issue the latter a notice of allowance. This matters most to push the research and related papers forward towards recognition. Any new research, invention or novel venture proposed enter into the category of the patent. Ilma University encourages the applications for patents as these are directly

proportional to the growth and development of the vital socio-economic sectors. The University places value upon the work done and the ideas projected for a definitive change to occur in the status quo.

Ilma Patent Acceptance Awards are open to all those who are willing to project their invaluable contributions on the University platform as well as the world to witness. If the patent survives the evaluation process and is approved then you are eligible for a patent reward.

*Terms & conditions apply
Incentives are subject to approval by the BASR and can not be claimed as a right