Office of the Alumni


Alumni are indeed the torch bearers of Ilma University who have illuminated the path and brought much glory to their alma mater. Hence, Ilma University aspires to support the enlightened endeavours of its alumni in every way possible. It acts as a bridge between the the former and the present students to establish a nurturing environment of mutual benefit.

Office of Alumni forms a thriving connection with the alumni who also strive:
  • To provide valuable feedback about the current market trends, job prospects in various organisations and the professional learning curve
  • To coach and mentor the student body to counteract the challenges faced and overcome those to be successful
  • To share with the student body the best career practices so they learn from the enriched experience and are well prepared before they enter the job market
  • To act as Ilma ambassadors and provide the Office of Alumni with the right referrals to brighten the career prospects of graduates
  • To organize job fairs and networking events for greater opportunities
  • To groom and train the students for the real world experience so the transition into the professional life is smooth

  • Continue to Serve

    The Office of Alumni aims to serve the alumni:
  • Provide career guidance and support to opt for the right professions
  • Organize Career Sessions and Workshops (e.g. networking events, panel discussions, career development workshops and more)
  • Access to the facebook group and job portal of OA for seeking job opportunities

    Light The Path

    The alumni foster fruitful relationships with the students by providing them with the much needed career tips, presentation and interview techniques. They assist to hone their skills and shape their personalities to make the right impression infront of the recruiters. This certainly leads to productive endeavours in the professional lives of those mentored students.