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1st National Virtual Registrars Summit "University Framework Changing During COVID"

June 16th, 2021, AT 4 PM (PST)

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1st National Virtual Registrars Summit "University Framework Changing During COVID"

ILMA University cordially invites you as an eminent speaker in its 1st National Virtual Registrars Summit "University Framework Changing During COVID". The University provides an incredible platform to host this virtual Summit which has the Registrars, Additional Registrars & Deputy Registrars as its esteemed participants.

Indeed, you at these prestigious posts play an instrumental role in the university working which needs to be given due importance and recognition. This virtual summit aims to do precisely that on an international scale with you at the center of it. This will provide an amazing opportunity to engage in elevated dialogues and connect with all those who are instituted at these key posts in universities around the globe.

This virtual summit would act as a gateway to open up broader perspectives and more avenues of collaborations at different levels. Further, this would be an excellent platform for networking with deep dialogues and even better insights into charting out the higher education landscape.

Kindly provide your confirmation as a Speaker in this mega virtual Summit so we may be able to proceed in adding you to our prestigious list for an impactful contribution in this international event.

All private and public sector universities are invited to join us at the Registrar Summit to be held online virtually

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Patron in Chief

Mr. Noman Abid Lakhani (T.I.)


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Dr. Mansoor-Uz-Zafar Dawood

Vice Chancellor



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Syed Kashif Rafi

Registrar & Director International Linkages & Opportunities