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With an impressive force of 4000 + alumni worldwide, Ilma University aims to engage these energetic, enthusiastic and enterprising young professionals who are graduates of its prestigious programs.

Wherever you are, as a worthy alumni, your alma mater Ilma University provides you with a perfect opportunity to serve it and give back to your city or regional communities by becoming its ALUMNI GLOBAL AMBASSADOR. In such great capacity, you will act as a primary liaison between the University and the prospective students in your area or region. It doesn't matter where you are currently residing or working, this international position allows you the freedom to contribute from anywhere in the world.

As an Alumni Global Ambassador, you will act as an information focal person for Ilma University for introducing the multidisciplinary faculties business, computer science, science & technology and media & design to the prospective students. You may also form an official student resource pool and welcome the youth in your region seeking higher education opportunities in their chosen fields. As a front line promoter, you will direct the student flow towards Ilma University's admissions portal so that they can benefit multifold from such world-class education.

This position of repute will offer you the autonomy to work with Ilma University's conferences, seminars and events on both national and international fronts. A well-rounded approach to cater to both academic and non-academic domains for holistic development. You will be granted the chance to project your alma mater with its accredited degrees and leading-edge facilities - unlock the higher education doors for others to follow for a better future!

With such honor and prestige, you will also be paid for your invaluable work. So, there are multiple rewards attached to this noteworthy post.

Fill out the form and become part of ILMA ALUMNI GLOBAL AMBASSADOR PROGRAM and continue to add value wherever you are!

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