Establish ILMA Alumni World Chapters (IAWC) - Become Part of the Alumni Force !

Ilma University calls out to the honourable alumni who are serving in the strategic sectors nationally and internationally. It has proudly launched the ILMA Alumni World Chapter (IAWC), which aims to unite the alumni wherever they may be on a single platform for every country. This is a perfect time to pay heed to the call and join hands to strengthen the alumni force.

Your alma mater calls upon you as alumni as young, energetic, enthusiastic and enterprising individuals with phenomenal camaraderie with abundant compassion to nurture a lifelong relationship with it. It entrusts complete faith and trust in you to be the torchbearers for the Ilmians to follow in your inspirational footsteps.

These Alumni World Chapters shall foster a strong bond between your alma mater, its association, partnership and the fellow graduates. As an ILMA Alumni, you carry forward the legacy of this formidable linkage for the communal benefit, continual support and progress of ILMA in all fields globally. This impactful platform forms a formidable force in which you as alumni contribute powerfully in E-newsletter, membership status, exclusive events, website, magazine and host of other forward-looking activities. This is a perfect opportunity to come forth and lend your strength for the success of your alma mater.

You are eligible to partake in the Alumni Chapters being established for different regions of the world. These will allow you to represent your alma mater to disseminate information pertaining to its offered programs, admissions, events and outreach. As an Alumni rep, you will get a chance to create more work opportunities through networking and referrals for the Ilmians all across the globe. Moreover, you can easily support the Ilma Giving initiatives by locating international sponsors who want to see the growth of the education globally.

So, what are you waiting for! Send in your nomination to be part of the Alumni force and create a powerful impact collectively.