Dr. Rafia Taj
Professor & Dean, Faculty of Media & Design
PhD in Mass Communication
Experience: 25 Years
Prof. Dr. Rafia Taj is able to impart knowledge with effective delivery which results in setting a high pedagogical benchmark
Dr. Yasmeen Sultna
Associate Professor, HoTD Faculty of Media Science
PhD in Mass Communication
Experience: 11 Years
Dr. Yasmeen is highly experienced and expert in the respective discipline to introduce as well as implement the best practices for optimum achievement
Dr. Syed Qamar Abbas
Associate Professor
PhD in Pakistan Studies
Experience: 27 Years
Dr. Syed Qamar Abbas possesses the insight and the foresight to take critical decisions for the upgradation of the educational system
Muhammad Omais
Assistant Professor
MS in Advertising & Marketing
Experience: 8 Years
Mr. Muhammad Omais possesses a flair for teaching in the respective faculty which results in raised benchmarks of teaching and learning
Mumal Mirza
MS in Media Science (Advertising)
Experience: 5 Years
Mujtaba Akhtar
MS in Advertisement
Experience: 6 Years
Syeda Farheen Zadi
BA in Textile and Fashion Designing
Experience: 19 Years
Nayyar Saeed Murtaza
ASPA, AFIP, APSG, PSA5 in Photography and photo editing
Experience: 25 Years