Qualified Teachers

Ilma University has highly qualified and experienced faculty teaching its programs. The faculty members are expert in their respective fields with insight in the working of the corporate and industrial sectors.

The distinguished professors impart knowledge to provide an edge and expertise to the students for high performance.

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Placement office aims to appoint Ilma University's graduates in suitable positions in different sectors of the economy. It provides career counselling and ample job opportunities to graduates to commensurate their education and expertise. Placement office facilitates short term (internships) and long term work associations.

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Beautiful Campus

Ilma University - an architecturally impressive infrastructure spread across several acres lends to a mesmerizing view. The spacious campus embodies state of the art facilities including air conditioned classrooms, ultra-modern auditorium, digitally enhanced library, computer labs, sports club and cafeteria for a holistic fulfilment.

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In these evolutionary times, multilevel shifts have been witnessed in the face, pace and space of working in educational and professional set ups. The recent decades have entirely altered the performance criteria and labelled the conventional learning methodologies as obsolete in the wake of technological revolutions.

Now, digitised knowledge acquisition has taken precedence with measurable outcomes for effective evaluation. No longer is physical presence of the learner or the teacher considered a key element in learning or even imparting information respectively. Multifaceted tools have altered the face of a traditional classroom set up with a rampant rise in audios, videos, zoom and skype sessions.

Similarly, the pace of the multiple learning processes has also increased rapidly. The fast paced technology and its functionality have made quite a wrinkle in time. Once, what was thought to be achieved in hours is now accomplished in minutes. Data and information are just click of a button away. Distances are no longer counted in miles but in megabytes.

Due to the need for speed, spaces have transformed from physical to virtual set ups. Technology has made a discrete mark in all the centres of learning and working. Now, work spaces are equipped with the hardware and software from computers to laptops and all other peripheral devices to enter the realm of effectiveness.

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