Transfer Students

Those undergraduate and graduate students who are studying in these programs in another university and wish to transfer their credits to Ilma University. Ilma University caters to such students on case to case basis. The decision is taken by the Admission Review Committee (ACR) after a thorough review of the application which should meet the HEC criteria.

Credits transfer is defined as the credits earned or assessed on the courses taken in their college/university. These credits are transferable to the other courses at Ilma University if the course content is similar.

The candidates admitted through credits transfer policy must fulfil the following terms and conditions:

  • Regardless of the time of transfer, all transfer students must complete at least four semesters at Ilma University as fulltime students. Additionally, all core courses must be taken at ILMA.
  • The candidate has obtained a minimum of 2.4 CGPA (grade-point-average) at the end of all semesters taken at the other university.
  • All transcripts of previously taken courses by the candidate submitted to the Office of Admissions at ILMA must be issued by a national/international university or college that is recognized by relevant Higher Education authority.
  • All transcripts provided by the applicant must be in English or be accompanied with an official attested translation in English.
  • All course transfer request to be submitted at the time of transfer duly stamped and signed by the previous Institution/University.

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  • Once the complete application and application processing fee is received, the Office of Admissions reviews the application and gets the required input from the Academics or Admission Review Committee and the Dean(s) of the concerned Program(s) and Registrar Office
  • The Academics or Admission Review Committee forwards the transcript to Examination department for verification from the institutions they were issued. They also ensure the authenticity of the course outlines submitted and other academic information.
  • The concerned Dean reviews the courses successfully completed and decides if the credits can be transferred or not.
  • Upon receiving the feedback from the Deans, the candidate is called for a meeting with the Office of Admission. During the meeting, the Counsellor informs about the credit transfer procedure and the intended graduation plan from ILMA.
  • If the candidate agrees with the graduation plan and other terms and conditions communicated by the Admission counsellor, candidate is asked to appear for the standard aptitude test(s).
  • Upon passing the aptitude test, the candidate is offered an admission at ILMA.

  • Transferred students follow the fee structure for the Enrollment year at ILMA. Visit the fee section of the website for fee details.
  • Ilma University does not offer any scholarship to transferred students. However, if they need support to manage their fee, they can apply for financial aid. Amount of financial aid depends on the financial need assessed through financial aid application.