Exemptions from the Ilma Aptitude Test

Following are the Exemptions from the Ilma Aptitude Test

SAT 1 required score allows for an exemption in the aptitude test. The test scores validity lasts for two years from the result date. Required scores are mentioned below:

Overall SAT Score should be 1000 or above with

  • Minimum score required in English: 300
  • Minimum score required in Math: 300

  • Example: Score of 400 in English should compensate your score in Math by at least 600 to make the total to 1000.

    Example 2: Score of 700 in English and 300 in Math, will not qualify for exemption though the total is 1200. In this case, the minimum Math score of 500 has not been met.

    Average minimum score required in Essay: 5

    The essay component is essential for complete exemption in the aptitude test. Incase the essay component is not taken in the SAT, then the essay section in the aptitude test needs to be attempted.

    Exemptions can be availed by the CAIE (Cambridge Assessment International Examination) and the Aga Khan University Examination Board (AKU-EB).

    Exemption from the English Component of the aptitude test can be availed by the CAIE students for management Science, Computer Science, Software Engineering, if the average score in eleven subjects of O & A levels is 85% or above and no grade is lower than a B. General Paper, Additional Mathematics.