Ilma University's vision and mission both highlight the drive to make education accessible to all. For this case, Ilma University gives out a lot of scholarships to the deserving students purely based on merit. Scholarships ranging from 10% to 100% are awarded. Students must fulfil the pre-requisite criteria for the award of scholarships and submit the supporting documents to support their claim.

Ilma University vows to provide an easily accessible educational path through scholarships and grants to provide all students a fair chance to attain university level qualification as an investment and security for their future.

Who can apply for Ilma University’s scholarships?
All students eligible for admission to Ilma University are eligible to apply for its scholarships.

When should I apply for a scholarship?
You should submit your scholarship application at the time you submit your admissions application.

Do I need to fill in separate forms for the two types of scholarships offered?
No, you need to fill in only one scholarship form for all the scholarships offered by ILMA University. Your scholarship will be determined based on your overall admissions score.

Do I also need to fill in the Financial Aid form if I am applying for a Scholarship?
A Financial Aid form is not required if you are applying only for Scholarship.

What documents do I need to submit?
Following documents are required for scholarship application. - Farther/Guardian payslip - Electricity Bill - Sibling Details

What are the criteria for awarding the Scholarship?
The Scholarships awarded by Ilma University at the time of admissions are not determined just on the basis High School Grades. Students qualify for the scholarship if they meet the following criteria: Grades obtained in secondary/higher secondary schools Results in Ilma University's Aptitude Test Communication skills including writing Passion and initiatives taken for community service and participation in diverse activities such as sports, poetry, performing arts, visual arts, etc. Financial status of the family.

When and how will I know if I have been awarded a scholarship?
Ilma University invites you and your parents for a meeting and will share the scholarship and fee payment plan. These meetings are organized once admission decisions are released.

Are scholarship decisions negotiable?
Scholarship decisions are non negotiable.

Are scholarships awarded for one year or one semester?
Scholarships awarded at the time of admissions are on semester basis subject to maintenance of CGPA for four years, provided the recipients fulfil the following conditions: Enrolment as a full-time student, unless the university has approved part-time enrolment Active participation in meta-curricular activities beyond the classroom Abide by the rules and regulations Adhere to the university’s policies and procedures Display good code of conduct

How will the University support me if I am struggling to maintain the GPA required to continue with the scholarship?
Additional support and remedial classes are provided to students to enhance their performance and allow them to overcome the academic challenges. This boosts their confidence levels and they are able to perform above par. One on one guidance is provided by the faculty advisors and the target areas are discussed for solutions. In case students are not able to maintain the required CGPA, their scholarships percentage will be decrease. They will be provided a probationary semester to improve their performance and achieve the required CGPA.

Will my scholarship be reviewed each semester?
Scholarships awarded at the time of admission are reviewed on semester basis. These are renewed automatically each semester if students maintain the required CGPA. In case students fail to maintain the required CGPA, they are reduced by a certain percentage.

If I have been awarded with some scholarship at the time of my admission, will I be able to apply for other University-based scholarships during my four-years of study at Ilma University?
University based scholarships for High Academic Achievement are awarded from third semester onwards. Students are not required to apply for those scholarships. These are offered as per university policy to students who qualify for these. However, the student can only avoid one type of scholarship at any given time.