Joint Venture / Partnership Opportunities (JVPO)

ILMA University launches Joint Venture/Partnership Opportunities to spur the possibilities of better networking and higher business growth locally and abroad. The University always stands at the forefront of increasing the probabilities of success through liaisons which are lucrative.

... JVPO widens the platform for business dealings and franchise making at an accelerated rate more so in the wake of the worldwide digital connections which have led to a surge in the number of linkages and partnerships globally.

Now, through this incredible initiative by ILMA, the chances of more networking and effective liaisons have become higher. These opportunities can be materialised in different arenas including corporate, media, health, textile, FMCGs, real estate, education, IT firms, restaurants, salons, supermarkets and multinationals among the notable others.

This amazing offer opens avenues of associations/collaborations for Students, Alumni, businessmen, entrepreneurs and professionals in expanding their reach as well as outreach on both national and international levels.

Be ready to harness the power of partnerships and joint ventures to unleash the immense impact in all types of businesses and industrial areas. Time to Connect!

Apply now to use JVPO to actualize the business and professional goals with lucrative returns.

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