Welcome to PHOTOGRAPHY STARTUP, where creativity meets cutting-edge technology. Our mission is to empower aspiring visual artists by providing top-notch photography equipment and production services. We offer a range of opportunities for photographers, videographers, and directors of photography (DoP) to collaborate and showcase their talents. Photographer partners gain access to our equipment for assignments, receiving 50% of their earnings and exposure through our platform. Videographer partners contribute high-quality video content, earning 40% from projects sourced through ILMA Studios. DoP partners oversee visual aspects and earn leadership opportunities and profit-sharing on major projects. All partners benefit from state-of-the-art facilities, marketing support, and skill enhancement through workshops. Our business plan encompasses rental services for photography and videography equipment, production services for events and campaigns, and a robust marketing strategy leveraging ILMA University's network. With a fair financial plan ensuring competitive pricing and revenue sharing, ILMA Studios fosters a collaborative environment for mutual success and creative growth.


To provide access to top-notch photography equipment and production services while empowering student photographers and visual artists.

Partner Roles and Responsibilities

    Photographer Partners:

    Using ILMA's photography equipment for assignments and projects.
    Maintaining and managing the equipment in good condition.

    50% of the earnings from their assignments using ILMA equipment.
    Promotion of their work through ILMA Studio's platform.

    Videographer Partner:

    Creating high-quality video content for clients and projects.
    Collaborating with photographers for combined visual projects.

    40% of earnings from projects sourced through ILMA Studio.

    Director of Photography (DoP) Partner:

    Overseeing the visual aspects of filming, ensuring high-quality output.
    Collaborating with videographers and photographers for cohesive projects.

    Leadership opportunities on major projects.
    Profit-sharing from projects and assignments that involve their expertise.

    Overall Partner Incentives:

    Access to state-of-the-art equipment and facilities.
    Marketing and promotion of their work through ILMA Studio's platform.
    Opportunities for skill enhancement through workshops and mentorship.

Business Plan Overview

    Equipment Rental Services:

    Offering photography and videography equipment to students and professionals at affordable rates.
    Ensuring maintenance and regular upgrades to provide the latest gear.

    Photography and Video Production Services:

    Catering to clients' photography and videography needs for events, campaigns, and projects.
    Collaborating with partners to offer comprehensive visual solutions.

    Marketing Strategy:

    Utilizing ILMA University's network to attract student and local clientele.
    Showcasing partner portfolios and previous projects to attract external clients.

    Financial Plan:

    Setting competitive pricing for equipment rental and production services.
    Allocating funds for equipment maintenance, upgrades, and marketing efforts.
    50% revenue sharing with photographers using ILMA equipment and 40% for projects sourced through ILMA Studios.

    Profit Sharing

    Percentage Partner
    30% ILMA University
    30% Partner who brings the Project
    40% Divide between 4 Remaining Partners on Project