ILMA University takes progressive steps to improve the nation's economy and increase the chances of success for the businesses at large. The University aims to do this through its Micro Finance Program available through the recognised financial institutions which offer the much needed financing for the establishment and growth of the vital socio-economic sectors.

... This great initiative from the University's platform is indeed the need of the day where small, medium and large-sized businesses in private sectors get the necessary monetary push to make it through. These require the financial boost to tackle the challenges with the uncertain economic conditions which have arisen more so due to the recent pandemic.

This ILMA Microfinance Facility leads to higher business stability and returns of investment. This Scheme provides a financial cover to all professionals - in short, all those in need of finances to expand their businesses multifold.

ILMA University offers ILMA Microfinance Facility for a wide range of industries, businesses, companies, projects, start-ups and other entrepreneurial ventures. So, any business venture of any capacity can avail this financial support and reap its benefits thereof.

So, take this opportunity and apply for the ILMA Microfinance Facility to acquire the much-needed finances for different business setups in the vital sectors of the economy.

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