ILMA National / International Collaborative Project Reward (INICPR)

Ilma University is highly supportive of the collaborations and networking done on both the national as well as the international planes. In order, to give these incredible and collective endeavours due recognition, the University has created a special category with the supreme title, Ilma National/International Collaborative Projects Rewards. ...

It is a highly rated fact, that collaborations between different individuals, businesses, companies and institutions are the key to unlocking unlimited domains of working worldwide. It is but these powerful connections that make the world go round. This incredible strategy has worked wonders for the businesses which are able to zoom ahead by establishing these collaborations and widening the networks.

Ilma University aims to harness this very vast dimension and recognize it through its popular collaborative project awards. There is no limit on whether these are local collaborations or international ones, all are welcome to compete for these rewards.

So, your collaborative projects matter to Ilma University. If you have extended an expression of interest, established its parameters and expanded your business boundaries through these strategic connections, the University values you and is ready to reward you.