Grant For Student Exchange Program

ILMA University fosters favorable conditions for its students and foreign students to participate in its global student exchange program which will lead to better prospects in the future. The University has proactively done this through its Grant for Student Exchange Program with the primary objective to open the world to the youth for a lifetime experience.

... Student Exchange Program allows the University's and foreign students to cross over to another country's campus. This opens the gateway of academic, cultural and social exchange. There are multiple benefits reaped from this well-designed exchange program. The students will get to experience and live the amazing student life on campus. Not to mention the rich customs and values with the flavor of hospitality makes it a truly incredible journey.

The students will be able to connect, engage, share and discover the best practices which will lead them to become top academically and professionally too. The inspirational boost achieved through this is lifelong and ever-growing. Ilma University's initiative to provide grants for student exchange is the need of the era in which the world has transformed into a global village and survival depends on mapping the world and it wants to give its students an additional advantage. Particularly with the technological boom where access to unlimited information is just a click and a swipe away.

All interested students are invited to apply for these lucrative grants which can also be fully funded reviewed and approved on case to case basis. Foreign students are also encouraged to apply