ILMA University has always remained in the forefront of socioeconomic development of the nation and has been able to actualize this aim through its profound partners who have aided this worthy cause with the similar philanthropic strides. The generous contributions may it be for expansion of ILMA University's infrastructure, incubation centers or giving merit as well need based scholarships have resulted in a culture of change for the community at large.

Support through scholarships has allowed accessibility to higher education especially for those capable students who are unable to attain it due to financial constraints. ILMA sensitizes with the society to set the standards and promotes the provision of quality education to fill the employability gap. Similarly it has worked in close collaboration with the government to uplift higher education which will ultimately attain the sustainable development goal (SDG) - Quality Education, the firm foundation of a developing country.

ILMA is registered with the FBR (Federal Board of Revenue). In adherence to the governmental policies, it has extended donations to the deserving and the much needed financial contributions for enhancement of higher education.


A firm conviction in succeeding hand in hand with the community, it emphasizes on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) which molds the mindsets of the youth to sow the seeds of selflessness in the society. There are planned endeavors and visits to the underprivileged areas to contribute in uplifting their conditions. Contentment in connection is crucial and ILMA makes it a point for its students to comprehend the concept behind this.

Enrichment of environment through cleanliness and plantation drives are also a top priority. To foster a clean and green environment is as important for healthy growth of the surroundings. Cultivation of such awareness in its students leads to committed individuals ready to strive for saving the planet. Hence, the campus itself is a horticultural finesse. Utmost efforts are made to make ILMA University a paper free premises by introducing more and more electronic methods of communication. Water conservation is also ensured at all levels.

ILMA has formed associations and partnerships with companies, international agencies and skill development councils for community upgradation. All have been avid supporters to the social causes and work together to accomplish the social development goals.

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University Infrastructure Construction
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IT infrastructure Development
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Student Support

Thank you for considering giving to ILMA University. There are many different ways to support this unique initiative.


You can conveniently mail us a cheque at our mailing address: Main Ibrahim Hyderi Road, Korangi Creek, Karachi

Online Transfer

kindly email at for Online Transfer Account details.

Zakat and Khums Campaigns

Your Zakat and Khums can educate deserving and talented students admitted to ILMA University on a need basis. The Zakat collection and disbursement procedure is 100% Shariah compliant. Please get in touch for more information.

Property and In-kind Donations

You can donate equipment, rare books, artworks and other kinds of personal property that can enhance the educational impact of ILMA University. We will be happy to discuss your intended gifts.

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Title Global Educational Consultants
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Bank Soneri Bank Ltd
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