Global Educational Consultants Society (GEC)

Global Educational Consultants Society was established in 2001 through the Societies Act 1860. The fundamental rationale was to give back to the community and the foremost aim of GEC is to provide Education for All and this has become its slogan to uphold. GEC Society plays a pivotal part to provide access to low cost and inclusive education which encircles all irrespective of caste, color or creed and stands united in the imparting quality education serving the less privileged and underserved areas.

GEC Society has awarded millions of rupees in scholarships to those students with academic excellence but couldn't afford it. Till date, between 10% to 100 % scholarships have been granted to more than 8000 students. This has enabled in educating the skilled and talented youth able to establish avenues of sustainability for themselves and gain independence. GEC Society has been performing miraculously to meet the nation's higher education needs with dynamic deliverables while doing so.

ILMA is registered with the FBR (Federal Board of Revenue). In adherence to the governmental policies, it has extended donations to the deserving and the much needed financial contributions for enhancement of higher education.