Conference / Workshop Grant Proposal (CWGP)

ILMA University has taken another step forward towards promotion of research and development by announcing its Conference / Workshop Grant Proposal (CWGP).

Academic & Industrial Conferences are a brilliant opportunity to learn more about your sector and tap into the knowledge platform from learning new topics, to practical and strategic solutions. The Researchers may seek funding by applying for reimbursement including Conference / Workshop Registration & Paper Submission Fee, Travelling & Daily Allowances etc. upto USD 1000 to enable the Researchers to share knowledge and research amongst universities and scholars.


  • To educate faculty and staff with the latest developments in their relevant areas of research;
  • To provide platform for interaction and exposure to the academicians and researchers;
  • To provide avenues for sharing of research and knowledge at international level events;
  • To assess academic and research capabilities and achievements at par with the prevalent international practices;
  • To share academic and research achievements with industrial and commercial establishments at international level;
  • To explore opportunities for international academic collaborations.
  • Event Categories/Provisions

    This grant extends financial assistance for participation in the following four types of events which should be recognized by SCOPUS / Web of Science / IEEE:
    i. Seminars
    ii. • International Conferences in the fields of Management Sciences, Computer Science, Software Engineering, Information Technology and Media Science
    iii. Symposiums
    iv. Training Workshops

    Categories of Reimbursements

    S. No. Head of Reimbursement Calculation Index
    1 Participation incentive as Key note Speaker/Session Chair/Resource Person/Facilitator 50% Contribution or $75 whichever is lesser
    2 Participation as Contributor/Author from ILMA University 50% Contribution or $150 whichever is lesser
    3 Conference / Workshop Registration Fee, at actual subject to max limit approved by the Competent Authority 50% Contribution or $150 whichever is lesser
    4 Travelling Allowance/Daily Allowance per day, at actual subject to max limit approved by the Competent Authority $35
    5 Hotel Accommodation, at actual subject to max limit approved by the Competent Authority 50% Contribution or $100 whichever is lesser
    6 Air Tickets, at actual subject to approval by the Competent Authority At Actual upto a maximum of $1000

    Guidelines for Filling/Submission of Reimbursement Claim

    The above grant is subject to approval by the Competent Authority with the sole purpose of facilitating our researchers and doesn’t establish any right to claim the grant in any manner whatsoever as it shall be at the sole discretion of the ILMA University BASR.
    After making the expense, the Researchers of ILMA will be able to submit and reimburse expenses as per University’s policies along with the evidences;

  • Reimbursement claim should be filed within the same financial year as of the event;
  • ILMA University will not bear any cost if it is not duly approved by the Competent Authority prior to the date of the event;
  • Any expense made against item(s) not explicitly desired at the time of reimbursement submission or considered but not approved by the Competent Authority shall not be reimbursed;
  • A copy of the Recommendation Letter/Sanction Letter issued by the competent authority at least two weeks prior to the date of the event, subject to submission of

  • o A brief write up of 250 words on the rationale of the conference and economic benefits expected to be derived from the event with special reference to Pakistan
    o Copy of invitation letter from Organizing Committee of the event through official email
    o Details of conference registration fee and other charges
    o Original duly filled expenditure reimbursement form shall be submitted within seven days from the date of conduction of the event along with copy of certificate of participation of the faculty member showing affiliation of ILMA University;
    o Copy of Abstract/Conference Proceeding book or workshop certificates
    o Copy of the Minute to Minute Plan of the event
    o Once approved, the payment shall be made as per the local and remittance laws applicable in Pakistan

    *Terms & conditions apply
    Incentives are subject to approval by the BASR and can not be claimed as a righ