ILMA Bi-Yearly Magazine Plan

Welcome to ILMA Bi-Yearly Magazine, a dynamic platform dedicated to fostering collaboration between students and the academic community. Our mission is to curate insightful articles, engaging interviews, and relevant content spanning diverse industries. Designed as a nexus for talent showcase and industry interaction, we offer a unique opportunity for students to amplify their voices, connect with industry leaders, and deliver valuable information to our readership.


  • Editorial Board: Comprising students and faculty advisors, responsible for overseeing content curation, editing, and publication.
  • Sections: Divided into segments covering diverse topics such as technology, business, arts, culture, science, and student life.
  • Contributions: Soliciting articles, interviews, reviews, and creative pieces from students and external contributors.
  • Design & Layout: Engaging design and professional layout to enhance readability and visual appeal.

Incentive Plan for Students

Bringing Renowned CEO/Interview

  • Bringing a renowned CEO or securing an interview with a notable figure will earn the student recognition and a prominent byline in the magazine.
  • Potential rewards:
    • Feature article about the interview or CEO spotlight authored by the student.
    • Rs. 10,000 for Multi-national CEO
    • Rs. 5,000 for National Level CEO

Bringing Advertisements for the Magazine

  • Students who bring in advertisements for the magazine will receive incentives based on the size and value of the advertisement.
  • Potential rewards:
    • 15% of Full Page Ad Amount
    • 10% of Half Page Ad Amount
    • 5% of Marketing Article

Regular Contributors

  • Encourage students to contribute regularly to the magazine.
  • Potential rewards:
    • Recognition as a 'Contributing Writer' in each issue they contribute to.
    • Opportunity to attend editorial meetings and contribute to content planning.
    • Access to exclusive workshops or training sessions related to writing, journalism, or magazine publication.

Bringing Good Article or Case Study

  • Students, Alumni bringing or writing case studies, articles with quality content will get rewards.
  • Potential rewards:
    • Rs. 10,000 for Multi-national Case study
    • Rs. 5,000 for National Level Case Study
    • Rs. 5,000 for Article by some renowned author

Digital Platform Development

  • Develop a dedicated website for the magazine to complement the print edition.
  • Include sections for articles, interviews, reviews, and additional digital content.

Student Involvement

  • Engage students in website management, content creation, and digital marketing efforts to expand their skills and involvement beyond the print edition.
  • Encourage students to contribute exclusive online content and manage designated sections of the website.