Residents of Karachi or parts of Sindh need to commute to Ilma University for the admission aptitude test. They are required to adhere of the admission schedule for Karachi.

Applicants are invited to contact the Office of Admissions if they are not exempted from the aptitude test. After completing the online application they are required to send an email to admissions@ilmauniversity.edu.pk


Karachi is the metropolis hub and most populous city of Pakistan. It is the centre for business and trade which provides lucrative employment opportunities. It is well developed with commercial and residential enterprises spread along its length and breadth. Malls, markets, major companies and multinational organization span across its expanse.

Federal and Provincial government offices, courts and foreign embassies find it an ideal location for national as well as international official operations. The best hotels situated here with a myriad of facilities and recreational spots make it a major tourist destination.

Many throng here seeking avenues of higher education and it also boasts to have students from across the globe 🌍 studying in its colleges and universities. The world's best universities are located in this multidimensional city. Hence, a diverse student body from rural and urban areas of the nation makes it a melting pot of cultures.

Ilma University reflects and resonates the very vibrance and vitality of the city of lights. It aims to enliven the city with the eternal light of knowledge and welcomes all students with the similar warmth. Each student at Ilma feels at home with a strong sense of belongingness.