Follow the steps below to apply for admissions at Ilma University and go through the entire admission process.

Step 1

Click here to begin the online application process and follow the steps below

Step 2

Admission counselor shall contact you and guide you to create account in online admission portal.

Step 3

Begin the online application process in the Admissions section on the website and follow the steps below

Step 4

Fill in the online application in one go or complete it in intermittently which has the facility to save the data after each section.

  • Compulsory Requirements: The online application is deemed complete if all the compulsory sections are filled with all the details and submitted.
    1. Name
    2. CNIC/Passport
    3. Address
    4. Residence No.
    5. Father Name
    6. Father's CNIC
    7. Educational Information
    8. Professional Information
    9. Registration Information
    10. Optional Section: The optional sections of the online application form are not necessary to be completed. However, mentioning the co curricular, skills and talents may provide a better insight into the overall personality development.

    Step 5

    Pay the application fee for registration by visiting the Admissions Department.

    Step 6

    Scholarship or financial aid sections should be filled if the candidates intend to avail it.

    Step 7

    Take the Ilma admission aptitude test or submit the international test scores to seek exemption. Grade based exemption can be availed for qualification.

    Step 8

    Appear for an Interview

    Talk to the Ilma Admissions Team

    The admissions team aims to intimate and facilitate the applicants through the entire admission process for a smooth experience. They provide the guidance and support to the applicants who can approach them to inquire about the admission requirements and schedules.

    Admissions counsellors are available online and offline to assist in every way possible. They entertain all queries pertaining to admissions and aptitude test to the satisfaction of the applicants.

    They can be easily approached during office hours and have all the related information readily available as well as accessible. For them each applicant is of value and viewed as a prospective student.

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